Sunday, September 19, 2010

Knit Up Home Accents

This month's issue of the Wall Street Journal magazine features a display of trendy accents for the home from this spring's Milan Furniture Fair.  The twist on this year's most popular designs? They were all knitted from yarn or string, aiming to bring the comfort back to home sweet home.  The featured pieces included chairs, lamp shades, room dividers, mats, vase,s and poufs, all knit in bright colors with extravagant shapes and designs.

Many observers have been wondering why this new trend has become so popular, but one man puts it perfectly.  David McFadden, Museum of Arts and Design curator, believes that this new craze is simply "a reaction to living in this weird cyberspace:  things that engage the hand and eye and tradition and tactility all mean a great deal more today than they would have 20 years ago."

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