Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cutie patutti with lots of ruffles!

The Cutie Patutti Baby Bonnet from Debby Ware.
I just finished this little beauty which is knit with 5 separate ruffles. It gives me ideas for using this simple ruffle technique for other items: a simple sweater with ruffles on the sleeves, a big soft wool purse full of ruffles.
Ruffle technique:
Work in garter stitch, seed st or st st. Knit a few rows the width you want. Then cut yarn and attach a new color on RS row, work one row. On next WS row double the sts by knitting into the front and back of every stitch. Then work desired length of ruffle. Bind off in contrast or same color on WS row in purl. Now flip your work over to wrong side. You'll see loops to pick up in contrast color. Pick them up and work a few rows. Then start another ruffle. It's that simple!

This ruffle bag would be fun to make in a soft alpaca & wool combo using the ruffle technique in a smaller version.

Debby Ware kit available at
Cost: $24.95

Sunday, July 01, 2007

new! on the needles

Happy Summer! Here's a new yarn that I found at Lettuce Knit in Toronto.
The yarn is from "Fleece Artist" in Nova Scotia called Sea Wool (70% merino, 30% Seacell) in 350m for C$25 skein. The yarn has a gorgeous silky hand, beautifully hand-dyed, machine washable.
For this stole I'm using 3 skeins worked in an easy 4-row wavey pattern for a pretty lace effect without having to follow a complicated lace pattern. (I tried to get away with 2 skeins but stole is definitely too short!)
Knittingbag will carry this yarn so email if you are interested after checking out their web site for color choices. This stole is worked in "Fruit Punch", a pretty watermelon pink with a hint of fern green.