Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pitti Filati 67

The Pitti Filati fashion show occurs two times each year, featuring the newest trends in knitting. This year the show was based in Florence, Italy, giving viewers a preview for the styles to come in fall-winter 2011-12. Buyers from all over the world came together for this event to get a first look at the newest designs in knitwear. The theme this year was simple: MOVE! This concept aimed to get people, things, and ideas moving in order to inspire new and different ideas. The show opened with an unbelievable display of hundreds of different knit designs, all featured atop cut-outs of different countries in the world.

Ciara Walsh, designer for Marc
Jacobs, says about the show, "...the yarn industry is becoming increasingly flexible in terms of the customization of colors, the number of services offered and the quantities of the orders. I am always very happy to come to Florence...there are lots of new things to discover and Italian yarns express the greatest amount of creativity and innovation."

Photos courtesy of pittimmagine.com

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