Monday, December 06, 2010

Blogs to blog about!

As we search for ideas to write about we can't help but visit other blogs or inspiration--and some of these sites were so interesting that we just couldn't help just blogging about them!
Access Fashion 
This blog features trendy designs in knitwear for the season, and some of these pieces are really over the top--the perfect source for inspiration!  She also includes short book reviews, deals on yarn, and plenty of ideas to keep you knitting.  Especially love the blog on new items from Victoria's Secret, some of their knitwear is just stunning.

The Dark Knit
The Dark Knit, another fashion blog, tends to base their posts around very funky knit images, truly giving some style to the page.  It makes it so fun to look through even if you're just looking at the pictures!  Love the post on Knit-a-Turban, these knit headbands are super cute and perfect for those messy hair days.  These are very in this season as well, we've seen them on the runway and in stores so maybe Knittingbag will design one next!

Cats and Dogs
We love how this blogger features her favorite pieces in fashion with numerous photos to give us inspiration.  Especially love those over-the-knee boots paired with a fur-trimmed collar--a great way to stay warm as we delve into the winter season.  Be sure to keep up with this blog for the latest styles from season to season!

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