Monday, July 07, 2008

Yum Yum! Silk Rhapsody

ART YARNS Silk Rhapsody #151

I love Art Yarns' Silk Rhapsody... had to buy this skein of color 151 and knit a scarf right away, it was just too delicious to pass up. Went to visit NancyO's shop in Ridgefield, CT which has a delightful selection of yarns in a cozy shop with lots of enthusiastic knitters.

Here's the scarf knit in the Thorn Stitch, an easy openwork stitch with the look of ribbing. I cast on 44 sts (the stitch pattern is a multiple of 4 + 2, and I added 1 at each end so that I could slip the first stitch of every row to prevent rolling.

1 skein of Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody (70% mohair/30% silk) or Silk Rhapsody Metallic - 260 yd (50% mohair/50% silk)
Needles: US 7

Here's the Thorn stitch:
Cast on 42 sts.
RS row: Knit 1 st (on the next and every row you will slip this stitch), K3, *YO (yarn over), slip 1 st, knit 1 st, pass slipped st over (psso), K2*; repeat from * to * across row, ending K1 + K1 edge st
WS row: Slip 1 st, K1, P2, *YO, P2 sts together (P2tog), P2*; repeat from * to * across row, ending K1 + k1 edge st

Repeat these 2 rows for pattern, slipping the first st on next and every row thereafter.
Knit until you finish skein allowing yarn for bind off and fringe if desired.

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