Monday, July 31, 2006

New! Maggiknits Bolero & Tank Top

Yippee! I just finished these last pieces for summer! I've always wants to try a Maggiknits pattern and love Maggi's Irish Linen. This cropped jacket design is from Maggi's "Summer Chic 05/Book 7" on page 9 called "AHOGHILL". The pattern calls for cotton, lurex silver and angora but I substituted Maggi's Irish Linen and adapted the pattern to a slightly different gauge on US10 needles. It's fun to do the lacy work (simple YO, k2tog) and the tubular accents which are very easy.

Then I made Maggi's "ARDEE Shell" which calls for Maggi's Irish Linen, as well as another basic tank top in white with blue trim. The ARDEE Shell is on page 145 of Maggi's beautiful book called Maggie's Ireland. The white shell is a Knittingbag design (it's hiding under the jacket)

The cropped jacket took 12 balls of main color and just over 2 balls of contrast color (knit 2 strands together. The blue tank took 6 balls.
The yarn is $6.95 for 126 yds.

Size: S (M-L)
The colors are beautiful (view at and click on "Maggiknits")
Suggested color groups (MC/CC):
Denim blue/white (shown)
Periwinkle blue/natural

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