Thursday, May 12, 2005

Knittingbag’s knitting trends

Learn to crochet. If you learn how to do single, double and triple crochet, that’s all you need to know to do simple crocheted flowers, granny squares, and best of all to add pretty picot edgings to sweaters. You could even incorporate beads into your crochet! Kathleen Powers-Johnson is a whiz knitting designer/teacher who teaches a great class called “Funky Crochet” at many Knitting Guild shows. Think about adding a center panel of simple crochet stitch to a knitted tank top. We're adding a "Learn to Crochet" kit and have some new crocheted designs: check out the denim mini skirt!

Cool Crochet: 30 Hot, Fun Designs To Crochet And WearCOOL CROCHET: 30 Hot, Fun Designs to Crochet by Melissa Leapman

Found on everything from fabrics to sweaters to t-shirts. Bejeweled, sequined, puffed, embroidered, ruffled, beaded, flower-trimmed.

Take Judy Pascale’s class, “Knitting with Beads” or check out Lily Chin’s book on beads. Tools required are minimal: 80 mm beads, some DMC Coton Perle 3 and some dental floss hoops.

Stitchwork; patterning.
You will see more “vintage” lady-like designs that are classic but with a twist, incorporating different stitch patterns:

textural/tweed stitches – in pullovers, cardigans, can be a simple slip-stitch pattern
bobbles and cables
leafy, lace patterns
a return to pattern knitting - Fair Isle and all over jacquards – chunky looking
stripes – bright multicolors, Missoni-type chevrons
tweed sweaters -- cabled, chunky, fine gauge, zipped, ribbed.

If you don’t own a book of knitting stitches, it’s time to buy one. Some of the best are Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns, The Knitting Stitch Bible, The Ultimate Sourcebook for Knitting and Crochet Stitches by Reader’s Digest, and many more.

Silouettes; style details
cowl necks in drapey loose stitches, in stitches going the opposite direction, chunky, flat, asymmetrical
small ruffle collars – on wraps, button fronts
V-necks and low scoops – layered over other sweaters or t-shirts
scarf or shawl necks and tie necks; cross over necks
loose, relaxed hoods
for fall 2005 -- big shawl collars
use more detailing on bottom edging and cuffs. “Knitting on the Edge” by Nicky Epstein comes in handy, as well as learning a little crochet.
this Fall 2005 you will see Asian-inspired designs.

Afghans, lap blankets
Hand-knit afghans and lap blankets are a fun way to try new stitches and get beyond scarves. They make lovely gifts in any season. A good vacation project, too. Here are two good books: “Big Needle Knit Afghans” book (62 afghan patterns using US 10-1/2 needles and above). It suggests Brown Sheep yarns, but easy to make yarn substitutions. And Gorgeous Knitted Afghans, a new book out in this May.
Big-Needle Knit Afghans
by Jeanne Stauffer
Gorgeous Knitted Afghans : 33 Great Designs for Creative Knitters

GORGEOUS KNITTED AFGHANS: 33 Great Designs for Creative Knitters
by Fatema, Khadija and Hajera Habibur-Rahman

A final note from Womens Wear Autumn/Winter 2005/06 Report on other important details:
buttons are a key focus this season and are used for decorative purposes which look like jewelery.
the pocket becomes a very dominant feature, which appears in many different shapes and formats.
collars and cuffs become focal points. (Check out our summer "Java" white cotton cardigan with roses. We added a picot ruffle around the sloping neckline and some to each cuff.)

fringing enhances the season’s mood for fluidity and movement.
check out www.renaissancebuttons. We are also purchasing beautiful handmade buttons from Frog Tree Alpaca.

Current VK Issue
VOGUEknitting spring/summer 2005
• Cinnabar & spice, mango & curry. Exotic colors. On pg. 58, a pretty tank with beautiful embellishments; you can begin to see tanks morphing into tunics. On pg 62 Knittingbag’s own beach cover-up knit in GGH/Muench’s Safari linen. On pg. 60 Knittingbag did a linen wave vest. We are offering a similar vest knit with three colors of Maggiknits Irish linen.

• The life aquatic, picks up on the calming colors of the sea. We love the wrap-front hoodie by Norah Gaughan on pg. 70.

• Stitch workshop. Learn to embellish. A big trend.

• Sweet Tarts & Gossamer scarves. Check out the cute cropped sweater. This would be a great pattern to use silk yarns.

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