Thursday, September 06, 2007

Knittingbag's fashion color & style trends fall 2007

The color palette for Fall is fibrant, complex and rich replacing neutral shades from last season with unexpected creative color combos. Cobalt blue, burnt oranges, purples and grays are strong! Black is back with a blast of color!

what the designers chose this fall

Sleek Black, Glossy White, Metal Gray, Bold Magenta, Violet and Petroleum

Black, Navy, Magenta, Rose Carthane, Hershey, Apple, Orchid, Cloudy Gray
Rose Carthane

Shades of Gray to Black accented with Deep Plums and Purples, Magentas and Greens; Rich Blues from Turquoise to Indigo are also key this season
Gray and Plums





geometric color blocks

color pattern

a blast of color


dropped shapes, more volume
less layering, more pared down, polished silhouette
capes and trapeze coats, oversized coats
fuller, bell-shaped, pouffed, voluminous sleeve
bolder shoulder details
accented with colorful opaque tights, leggings
high-waisted, slouchy trousers

knit coats & dresses. notice sleeve and shoulder details

interesting shoulder & sleeve details

hoods and collars


perfect sweaters

innovative knits. sandra backlund

giles fall rtw collection 2007


details and glitter

Photos courtesy of for the photography from Fall 2007 fashion designer collections

what are we going to knit?

Sleeveless grey bolero shape with big collar to wear over dressy dresses knit with Be Sweet’s ribbon ball inspired by Doo.Ri’s design:

We made it! It's adorable and flattering!

Long sleeveless vest, light and drapey that ties to the side knit with Art Yarns silk rhapsody. A sleeveless tunic in a soft tweed with shawl collar and buttons up the side.
[work in progress]

A diagonal shaped cardi from Iris Shrier's Lacy Little Knits book, kitted in SWTC's Yin and Yang yarns. Also kitted in Art Yarns' Silk Rhapsody.

Grey & black striped empire (trapeze) shaped pullover sweater knit with Filatura’s Zara

Knittingbag recommends yarns


Be Sweet Products:

Blue Sky Alpacas:

Classic Elite:

Fleece Artists:

Jade Sapphire:

Karabella Yarns:

ag recommends books

Lacy Little Knits
By Iris Schrier of Art Yarns - $19.95

Twinkle’s Big City Knits: 31 Chunky Designs
By Wenlan Chia - $32.50 ($21.45

Runway Knits: 30 Fashion-Forward Designs
By Berta Karapetyan - $32.50 ($21.45

new! Knit Kimono: 18 Designs with Simple Shapes
By Vicki Square - $24.95

coming in January!
Contemporary Knitting for Textile Artists
By Ruth Lee - $27.95

Knittingbag recommends fashion blogs:

Fashion is spinach:

I hope you enjoyed the Eye Candy and it inspires you to grab your yarn and needles and start knitting! Happy Fall!

Marcia Cleary


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. You put so much effort into keeping everyone up to date on fashion trends. It's better than reading Vogue!! Floss

lucas said...

I'm pretty much desperate and therefore asking anybody who may be knowledable, so here goes.

I'm trying to knit the Fan Kimono from the Knit Kimono book. It says to cast on 93 stitches which leaves 2 selvage stitches on one end and 1 selvage stitch on the other. To me, that doesn't make any sense. Shouldn't there be 2 selvage stitches at each end?

The instructions are not clear about what to do with the extra stitch on the one end, just to work stockinette with the one on each end.

I'm confused and frustrated (because I keep ending up with an extra stitch somewhere) and am going to start over (for the 6th time) but would like some help about the number of selvage stitches and what to do with that extra one.

Can you help?

Anonymous said...

Selvage stitches are usually an equal # on each side. A selvedge can be 1 st on each end or 2 sts on each end.

For a single stockinette stitch were seams will be joined, slip the first st knitwise and knit to the end of the row. On wrong side rows, slip the first stitch purlwise and then purl to the end.

For a double garter st edge, this even selvage will not curl up. On every row, slip the first st knitwise, knit the second st, and then work to the end of the row, knitting the last two sts.

I can't help without knowing what the central pattern is. If you are knitting every row or doing stockinette st (knit right side row, purl wrong side rows), then I would just make sure you have 2 selvedge sts (1 on each end), with 91 sts for central pattern.

I'm sorry I don't have this book to look up the Fan Kimono.

Good Luck!

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